Reminder of the Procedures for Day One-August 16th….

As the excitement continues to build, I thought it might be worth giving another reminder of the procedures to be followed for the very first day of Milton of Leys Primary.

8.45-8.50 am

Pupils and parents are invited to gather outside the main entrance where our P7 pupils will officially open the school doors for the very first time


All pupils in P2-7 should make their way to the 3 sets of doors outside the PE Hall where they will be greeted by the MOL staff. Pupils should line up in their stage groups (i.e ALL P2 pupils together, ALL P3 pupils together) after which they will be led into the hall where classes will be confirmed and teachers will escort their pupils to the classroom.


All P1 pupils should arrive at the outside door to their classroom. Pupils in P1A should line up near the courtyard, whilst the door for P1B pupils is opposite the green gate near the underpass.


All P1 pupils should be collected from the same door that they were dropped off at in the morning. This early finish will allow P1 pupils to leave in the relative peace and calm before the older pupils in P2-7 depart.


All pupils in P2-7 will finish school at this time. If your child is attending After School Club (they must be booked in already), pupils in P1-3 will be collected from their own classrooms. Pupils in P4-7 should make their own way along the corridor to the ‘Pick Up Point’, just passed the Social Area.


The After School Club will close just before 6pm so please make arrangements for your child to be collected at 5.55pm.


  • Gym kit: T-shirt and short

  • Lunch: Packed lunch or knowledge of which choice from the menu

  • Snack for playtime

  • Water bottle (please no juice)

  • Uniform

  • Indoor Shoes

  • Most importantly…a big smile!

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