Into the final straight….the finishing line is in sight!

  In less than a week’s time, 240+  children aged between 3 and 12 will come through the doors of our lovely new, shiny school for the very first time. I have not updated the blog as often as I would have liked over the past weeks but I hope you will forgive me for putting all my energy into ensuring that the school is set to open on Tuesday 16th August.

Since the handover of the school on 8th July, the school has been a hive of activity (and will continue to be until Monday evening!) with workman, contractors, staff and many other people helping to ready the school for opening. It has been a joy to be part of such a powerful team effort to turn an empty shell (albeit, a very nice empty shell!) into what it is now-a school desperately needing the most important ingredient….the CHILDREN!!!

Over the coming weeks, I will pay tribute and give thanks to many different groups of people who have given support over the summer holidays but want to say a special thank you at this point to my fantastic ‘squad’ of helpers who have done an outstanding job of unpacking, checking, stamping, counting, allocating, arranging, re-arranging all of the thousands of resources that have arrived at the school since handover. This squad has included classroom assistants, learning support auxiliaries, nursery auxiliaries, nursery assistants, janitors, QIOs, clericals, education officers, librarians, admin assistants….the list is substantial. However, the most impressive part of their work is that in spite of the fact that nearly all of them will NOT be working at Milton of Leys once the school actually opens, they have put in so much effort to make sure that you have a school to be proud of and have worked as if it were their own.

The remainder of this week will no doubt fly by….however, I would like to remind you that on Thursday Evening (11th) between 4-7pm, we are holding an Open Evening to allow pupils and parents to have a quick peek inside the school. Pupils and parents are invited to visit their classroom and say hello to their teacher and get some idea of where the exciting learning will be taking place over the coming school year.

Please note that all pupils must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must be supervised at all times as there are still various parts of the school that are not completely finished and the contractors will be returning on Friday to complete any outstanding work.

Any regular viewers to BBC ALBA, may have spotted another excellent news piece on tonight’s ‘An La’. The cameras and reporters were in school today (Tue 9th Aug) to record some footage and conduct some interviews in preparation for the big day…I am led to believe it will be available for download on BBC i-player at:

This blog will continue to be the main port for receiving the most up to date information about the school and will be revamped in the coming days to tie in with the start of term. Each class will also have their own blog which is where you will be able to find out what has been happening class by class.

I hope that you are as excited about the adventure ahead as I am….see you on Thursday or at some point over the coming days!

Mr Quigley

Head Teacher

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