Wanted….Book ‘Coverers’-Wed 20th July from 5-8pm

 (Our brand new reading books….in pristine condition!)

As promised (although slightly later than I had hoped!), I have identified a session for any parent volunteers who would like to help with the covering of the many, many reading books that have been ordered for the school.

I am receiving a delivery of library furniture on the evening of Wed 20th July  so since I am going to be in the school on this evening, I am proposing to hold a book covering session on this same night from 5-8pm. Any parents who are willing and able to help should email me at robert.quigley@highland.gov.uk to let me know. Tea and coffee (and maybe a kit-kat or two!!!) will be available as well as the chance to grab a sneaky look at the lovely new school!

Unfortunately, due to the current state of chaos within the school with resources and furniture everywhere, it will not be suitable for children to come along to help out.

Training will be provided….assuming I work out how to cover the books myself!

[As a slight ‘disclaimer’, this session is being planned on the basis that the rather large order of reading books actually arrives on Monday as I am expecting. Clearly, if this delivery does not happen, this session will have to be re-scheduled]

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