New staffing appointments!

As revealed tonight at the P1 Info Meeting, the staffing situation for next year has progressed significantly over the past few days. The following staff have been appointed:

Ms Selina Laing-Class Teacher (currently at Inshes Primary)

Ms Jennifer McRitchie-Class Teacher (currently at Inshes Primary)

Ms Kirsten Mackay-Class Teacher (currently at Inshes Primary)

Mrs Elaine James-Support for Learning Teacher (currently at Apple Grove)

and only today…

Mrs Robyn Teago-(second) Clerical Assistant

A huge welcome to all of the new members of the Milton of Leys team!!!

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3 thoughts on “New staffing appointments!

  1. I am very excited to be joining the MOL team!! We have a very busy but exciting time ahead of us! 🙂

  2. Its good to see teachers in place now and nice that so many made it to last night’s meeting. Only wee issue is that it would have been nice had the teachers introduced themselves, so we could put names to faces. Perhaps a photo gallery on the blog to let everyone know who is who?

    • Thanks for the comment and thoughts…I like the idea of photos…the only issue will be getting a chance to take a picture of the staff before the holidays begin!

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