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I have added a new poll/survey down the right hand side of this blog, which is designed to find out what pupil and parent feeling is about the school’s opening hours. I have given four choices which are based on discussion at Parent Council and would be grateful for as many votes (from different people!) to give me an indication of what would be the preference so that I can make an informed decision.

A large number of parents have commented on how good it would be to have all pupils in P1-7 starting and finishing at the same time and this has been taken into consideration. However, in order for this to happen (as in the first two choices-8.50am-2.50pm and 9am-3pm), this would include a lunch break for all pupils in P1-3 of 1 hour and 10 minutes and a lunch break for P4-7 pupils of 45 minutes. The school’s expectation would be that pupils are not dropped off at school any earlier than 20 minutes before the school officially opens.

Please take these points into consideration when deciding which you feel would be the best option.

As the poll says in the title, it is possible to vote for more than one option.

THIS POLL WILL BE TAKEN DOWN ON TUE 10TH MAY @ 5pm, after which an official announcement will be made on what the school’s hours will be.

(Nursery opening and closing times will be decided based on the school times)

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