Finally…the mysterious ‘tower’ is revealed!


Many of you may have noticed the strange ‘box’ looking feature which has appeared on the roof of our lovely new school. I can reveal that it is indeed the beginning of a clock tower that will be in place over the coming weeks. It seems that it has caught the attention of many pupils and parents!

Mr Quigley

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3 thoughts on “Finally…the mysterious ‘tower’ is revealed!

  1. I see after teasing them at the consultation meeting about the need for a bell tower, with no real purpose other than to look pretty, the architects are now calling it a clock tower. Is it going to actually have a clock on it?

  2. Many thanks for letting us know what the structure is, after reading that its purpose was to look pretty i am extremely concerned that it is such a waste of money which could be better spent on equipment for within the school – am utterly gobsmacked at such a waste of tax payers money during such difficult financal times (although hardly surprised as its Highland Council).

  3. I personally think the bell-tower is a wonderfull idea! We can all note what time it is as we pass by, and the children can check to see they are’nt going to be late for their classes ( they might learn how to tell the time this way).

    Its a nice idea that the school building gives something to the general public …its like an offering to the community it now serves.

    In my opinion, not a waste of money at all…very well done!

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