Enrolment Gets Underway!

 Yesterday was the official start to the enrolment process and we are already well on our way to having a good number of P1 children for August!

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many parents in person and having the chance to chat and talk about the journey ahead. The enrolment process is normally fairly hectic and time is often limited so I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to enrol in a more relaxed manner.

Enrolment continues for the remainder of this week between 2-4pm at Inshes Church for any P1 pupils for August, as well as any current P2-6 pupils at any other school than Inshes Primary.

I look forward to seeing some more of you in the coming days!

Mr Quigley

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  1. It was great to meet Mr Quigley and the Interim parent council on Monday and I look forward to now being aware of progress of the new school

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