Building Taking Shape!

I had the pleasure and excitement on Wednesday (19th), of my first official tour of the school building. Up until that point, I had only seen the building from a plan and have to say that I was somewhat blown away by what I saw!

Firstly, the building is much bigger than I had imagined and the layout has been cleverly designed to make the most of things like sunshine, shelter from the wind and above all, the amazing view that can be seen from many of the rooms.

From a teaching point of view, the classrooms appear to be of a good size with the all important storage space. Each room has a ‘teaching wall’ which includes a built in SMARTboard which will allow pupils and staff to make the best possible use of this fantastic learning and teaching tool. One of my major challenges I fear, is going to be deciding which teachers get to work in the rooms with the spectacular views over the Kessock Bridge, Ben Wyvis and beyond!

This visit has given me a far better feeling for what the school will actually look like and I can now start to picture where the things that I am busy researching (like dining room furniture, library materials, ICT equipment etc…) will fit into the ‘master plan’.

As I draw towards the end of my first full week in position, my only slight regret is that I have not had the chance to meet with many of the parents who will become Milton of Leys parents. Once enrolment is underway (please see this particular page for full details of the enrolment process), there will be far more opportunities to begin the vital process of getting out and talking to the important members of the school community.
As a reminder, I will be available on Thursday of next week (27th Jan) between 3 and 4pm for any informal discussion about any matters to do with the school. I will be in the ‘Work Room’ (as described by Mr Syred!) at Inshes Primary and you are welcome to pop in and say hello or to ask any pressing questions at this point.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to meeting many of you in person over the coming weeks and months….
Robert Quigley
Head Teacher,
Milton of Leys Primary

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4 thoughts on “Building Taking Shape!

  1. All of us at Inshes School are thrilled about your appointment as the first Headteacher of Milton of Leys Primary School and wish you every success in all your endeavours. You may like to have a look at our website and visit the January newsletter to see what is happening at Inshes school. We are also looking forward to having close links with the your new school as we plan transition for those pupils who live at Milton of Leys and are currently attending Inshes. It is going to be a very busy few months – and very, very exciting!

  2. Looking forward to the new school and the beneficial changes it should bring to the local area. Have also had a site tour of the school and found the building to be very impressive and got me excited about the changes to come. Our children will be fortunate to enjoy a school built on such an inspiring site.

  3. We too, as residents of Milton of Leys, are very excited by the progression of the school and our son is really looking forward to starting his ‘new school’.

    I do have to say that we are tremendously disappointed regarding the comprehensive lack of information that we as parents of a current Drakies Pupil have had.

    We had not been informed of the parent’s meeting this evening (only came to know when a friend who only found out through a friend-of-a-friend attended and then came by this evening to share the information they had gathered).

    We were completely unaware that we had to re-enrol our son for him to attend Milton of Leys! As parents of a current pupil of Drakies Primary, I wouldn’t have thought that it would have been very difficult to have had this essential information communicated.

    It is great to hear that the pupils of Inshes are currently undergoing transitional activities to make the move smoother but I have to ask – What about the pupils at Drakies? – surely they should also be afforded the same opportunities?

    Now we know the next parent’s meeting is on the 21st Feb at 7:30 in Inshes School – we will certainly be there.

  4. Interesting feedback from the meeting last night. I wonder just how many parents of children, who do not attend Inshes Primary School, are aware that they need to register their children for the new school this week? I look forward to getting the site updates now I have posted a comment. This school will make a huge difference to Milton of Leys and the children growing up here.

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