Book Blether

For family members with children in Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7

We have an exciting opportunity for families of children in Primary 4 – Primary 7 to support your child’s language development and their reading skills through working with High Life Highland librarian, Michelle Gowans, in our upcoming Book Blether block.

We know how important reading is to many of the things that we do in our day to day lives, such as making appointments, finding out information and enjoying a good book.

Book Blether is an opportunity for family members of children in P4-P7 to come along on a Friday afternoon to join a book group… with a difference. There will be no sections of a books to pre-read… but there will be children’s books and cups of tea and coffee. Led by Michelle Gowans, a network librarian for High Life Highland, you, with Michelle, will explore some of the best children’s books available in our libraries right now, and discuss how you do and can inject a love for reading.

Michelle is offering to run the Book Blether Group on Friday afternoons, 1.45pm – 3pm in the school, between October and December (excluding the October break). Over the weeks you will explore different books over a cuppa.

Interested in joining the Book Blether? If so, click the link below to submit your contact details by Wednesday 25th September 2019.

CLICK HERE – Book Blether Submit My Details

Group: Book Blether
Day: Friday afternoons: October – December (excluding the October break)
Time: 1.45pm – 3pm
Location: Milton of Leys Primary School

If you’d like any further information, please email

MOL Mudder


Image result for sports mud cartoons

An update that we are planning to run this year’s sponsored event – the MOL Mudder – later in the term, rather than this Wednesday which will be the pupils first full official day in their new classes for the session.

Please look out for more news about this exciting sponsored ‘first’ for MOL in the coming days.

Lost Property

The lost property mountain is rapidly  growing again.

Please check lost property regularly and label everything with your child’s name and class.

Everything which has a name on it was returned to its rightful owner yesterday. These items don’t appear to have names. Any items still unclaimed by Friday 13th will go to charity shop or our rag bag collection.


Many thanks,

Miss Hutcheson and The Eco Team




October Holiday Club at MOL

October PosterPlease find below a booking form for our October Holiday Club at MOL.

If you would like to book your child into the holiday club please complete the booking form along with a Childcare registration form and All about me form and return either to the school office or via email  by no later than 20th September.

‘All about me’ BC and OOSC

MOL Childcare Registration Form

Booking Form MOL October Holidays 2019

Thank you



House Captain Elections

Congratulations to each and every one of the P7s who have worked so hard and put themselves forward for the role of house or vice house captain. Well done all! We look forward to confirming the new positions on Monday.

Have a great, well-earnt weekend:-)

MOL Classes 2019 2020


Following on from the information yesterday about the reduction in class numbers and class re-configuration for this session, we would like to let all parents know that on Monday (September 9th) we will confirm classes for the remainder of the session. Pupils will spend time in their new class group on Monday morning and confirmation of the classes will go home with children at the end of the day.

Thank you to the many people who have supported the school during this time of change. It is a challenging time for the children, parents, wider community and staff team but together we will make sure that the children are as best supported as they can be and that they continue with a positive 2019-2020. As a reminder, the Parent Council AGM and first meeting of the school year is on Monday September 9th at 6.30pm in the staffroom. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible that evening as we work together for the school community. Thank you.

Copy of letter which has gone home with pupils today regarding class changes.

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have been advised by the local authority that owing to the reduction in our school roll for this session, we must reduce the number of classes at Milton of Leys from 14 to 13. This is because with our current school roll, pupils from P1-7 can be accommodated into the identified banding for classes and within the national class size guidance.

We have also been advised that we have to work within the guidelines issued in the budget saving briefing highlighting that there is a £3.5 million savings which is to be delivered by: “Re-base all school staffing allocations across Primary, Secondary and ASN schools to ensure transparency and fairness in allocations following national class size guidance and removing all ad-hoc allocations to ensure stable staffing within our communities.”

We realise as a school the impact that this will have on all children, parents and the community. All classes will have some change and we are working hard to re-structure the classes trying to minimise disruption to learning as much as we can and supporting the health and well-being of our pupils. We are committed to getting it right for every child, and will work closely as a staff team as we support the children with these changes.

Our timeframe is for the new classes to officially begin on Monday 16th September; meaning that children will be in their assigned class going forward for this session from Wednesday 18th after the inset days.

Owing to the need to reduce our classes, one of our teachers, Mr Lallah in P6 will be leaving Milton of Leys to continue his probationary year at another school. We wish Mr Lallah all the best for his future journey in the profession and thank him for his time here with us at MOL.

For all pupils to be part of this new structure, there will be some changes of pupils across all classes. The most significant change to the classes for this session is that owing to the numbers we will no longer have the P2/3 and P3/4 classes. From the week beginning Sept 16th, we will have P1A, P1B, P1/2, P2, P3A, P3B, P4, P4/5, P5, P5/6, P6, P6/7, P7. This means that Mrs Mateer will now teach P3B while Miss Williamson will teach P6. Where possible Mrs Mateer will continue to teach the P3s in her class, but regrettably, Miss Williamson will have to say goodbye to her P3/4 class for now as she moves up the school. For the children in P2/3 – P2 children will continue this session in either P1/2 or P2; and for pupils in P3/4, the P3s will begin in either of the two straight P3 classes or as P4s in either P4 or P4/5.

We will confirm your child’s new class no later than Tuesday 10th. This will enable us to ensure that we have the transition process underway in school with hand-over information for pupils between staff. We will closely support all pupils, including pupils who have benefited from enhanced transition in the past, aiming to minimise disruption for them as much as possible.

Class teachers going forward will be:

P1A        Mrs MacQueen

P1B        Mrs Macaulay

P1/2       Miss Shimmield

P2           Miss Mackenzie

P3A        Mrs Tulloch

P3B        Mrs Mateer

P4           Mrs Laing/Mrs Mulraine

P4/5       Mr Blair

P5           Miss Sparling

P5/6       Miss Hutcheson

P6           Miss Williamson

P6/7       Miss Coe

P7           Miss McPherson

During next week we will have ‘getting to know you’ times for children to meet in their new classes to ease transition. We are very mindful of our duty to the children to support their well-being and will work closely as a team to meet their needs.

Meantime, I thank you for your support and understanding in advance. It is a challenging process but please be assured that we will do all we can to make it a positive transition for our children at Milton of Leys.

Kind regards,

Meg Snedden

Acting Head Teacher

Milton of Leys Primary School

Tel 01463 773020