Day Three at Costa Del Craggan

Today P7 had another action packed day filled with high energy activities! As well as the usual team building and adventure activities P7 have been working to find as many answers for their team quiz! Each team competes throughout the week seeking to gain as many points as possible through their activities as well as being ready, respectful and safe. The teams are very evenly split and competition is fierce! Everyone is working as hard as possible to earn every point available.

P7 continued to rotate around archery, gorge walking, kayaking, rock climbing to name but a few. This evening they competed against one an other in a highly entertaining game of frisbee golf!

It was been lovely to receive lots of very positive comments from the Craggan staff team as well as members of the public for P7 being well mannered, great encouragers, working well as a team etc. Each evening we ask P7 their highlight from the day and I was delighted to share with P7 my highlight was hearing so many people speak so positively about the pupils of MOL – well done team MOL!


Highland Council Composite Class Policy

Composite Classes Guide for Parents June 2019

We have been asked to share the revised and updated Highland Council policy for the construction of composite classes which has now been turned into a parent friendly version.

As you will appreciate, we are still awaiting confirmation of our staffing arrangements for next year so at this point, we are not able to confirm any classes or teachers but we are expecting that our Moving Up Day will take place on Wed 26th June at which point, pupils will meet their teacher for next year.

At this stage, we are expecting to run with 14 classes made up of a mixture of ‘straight’ and composite classes not too dissimilar to this current session but will confirm final details as soon as we can.


Good Morning from Craggan!

Two nights down – two to go! P7 have had two fantastic nights where everyone has slept well! P7 are currently fuelling up on ‘all you can eat’ cereal and toast!

Here are a couple of snaps that were missed from our upload last night.  Here you can see team Nevis on their rafts and also team Glenbegg sharing their highs and achievements from the day whilst enjoying hot chocolate, whipped cream and biscuits before heading to bed!

Day Two at Craggan

Wow….what a day! P7 have had an absolutely action packed day! P7 were up at 7am, washed, dressed and ready for breakfast by 8am. We then set off from our accommodation to Craggan Outdoors centre to start our day of activities.

The weather has been slightly wet but P7’s spirits have not been dampened… They have sang, chanted, boogied and partied through what we like to call at Craggan ‘liquid sunshine!’

Today team Lomond took part in Gorge Walking. The gorge was running high and fast but P7 sure did have a blast! The highlights from gorge walking for all is the big slide at the end! Team Macdui’s favourite activity today was raft building, where they had a very competitive Miss McPherson join their team. Team Macdui built two rafts using poles, ropes and barrels. BOTH rafts stayed afloat and everyone had fun playing ‘fruit salad’ and compass points. Cairngorm couldn’t  choose between kayaking and high ropes, both brilliant activities! Some fears were certainly conquered today with the leap of faith! Finally Lochnagar had a blast out mountain biking zooming around the different tracks and trails in the woods.

For dinner this evening P7 enjoyed chicken curry and rice. Everyone loved Craggan’s famous chicken curry and almost all the pupils cleared their plate!

This evening P7 competed against each other in Craggan’s Highland Games. Teams took part in the wellie throw, shot putt, limbo, caber toss, tug of war and finally they are created their own team chant.

Last night everyone went to bed happy and slept right through. Night two….so far so good everyone seems to be sleeping well! 🙂


Nursery Transition Evening

nursery picture

This is a reminder of our Nursery transition evening tomorrow June 11th at the school at 6.00pm. This is for all parents/family members of any children beginning MOL’s Early Learning and Childcare provision from August 2019. There will be a short presentation, question and answer session plus an opportunity to see the nursery. We look forward to welcoming you at Milton of Leys tomorrow. Thank you!



Craggan 2019 – We Have Arrived!

P7 have arrived at Craggan safe and well!! 🙂


Upon arrival P7 were split into five activity groups; Cairngorm, Macdui, Lomond, Nevis and Lochnagar.

Cairngorm’s first activity was arts and crafts, Macdui started with mountain biking, Lomond tackled the high ropes, Nevis were on the pond kayaking and Lochnagar kicked off with gorge walking!

Sam’s highlight today has been mountain biking and his inspirational quote to share is:

“bravely is not being scared, bravery is doing something despite being scared” 


For dinner P7 enjoyed sausage, potato and beans followed by chocolate sponge and custard. This evening P7 have been working on a series of problem solving activities.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates and photos of activities tomorrow!